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    5 steps for clean and clear pool water

  • WaterSpill

    Pool Maintenance Myths

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    What steps are involved in restarting your pool?

  • Everything you need to know about pool cleaning chemicals

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    How do I clean off a yellowish waterline?

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    Why does aggressive water attack coatings?

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    Algae may appear in UV lamps system treated swimming pools

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    After shock treatment, my water turned green - is this normal?


    Why should I use Acti pH minus liquid (ACTI Hydrochloric Acid 32%) rather than hydrochloric acid?

  • evaporation2

    The total alkalinity in my swimming pool drops during the season - is this normal?

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    How to prepare your pool for winter?

  • ACTI-Spa-Small-Chlorine-Tablets

    Acti Spa Small Chlorine Tablet