Check out seasonal blog posts that will help you maintain a healthy and balanced water.

  • The 3 Keys to Achieve Chemically Balanced Water


    Water balance is governed by 3 key parameters: pH, alkalinity & calcium hardness. If these 3 parameters are correctly balanced, the water will be clear.

  • Use of Chlorine in a Swimming Pool


    Follow this easy guide to understand why and how to correctly use chlorine in your swimming pool.

  • Maintaining your Spa on a Daily Basis


    Discover our advice to ensure a sustainable quality of water.

  • What is Actisoft? A smart water treatment solution!


    Keeping a pool swim-ready requires proactive maintenance. That’s why Acti Chemical created this simple to use application for pool professionals.

  • Beginner’s Guide to Spa Water Treatment and Maintenance


    If you’re new to the world of spa ownership, don’t worry! This handy water treatment guide will help you get started.

  • Taking care of your spa in the summer


    This summer you want to enjoy your Spa? Discover the 5 steps to keep your spa at its best!

  • How to clean your green water?


    Despite taking great care of your pool, you may still come across green water. Don't panic, a few quick fixes and your water will become crystal clear!

  • Winterising your swimming pool: The 10 questions you are asking

  • Why clean the water in your Spa?

  • 1

    So where do your pool water problems come from?

  • 2

    5 Steps for Clean & Clear Pool Water


    Filtering your water and keeping the filter in good condition will help prevent 80% of the problems with your water.

  • Pool Maintenance Myths