So where do your pool water problems come from?



So where do your pool water problems come from?


The pool season has only just begun - but are you already having problems with your pool water? There are many possible issues: murky and milky water, slippery sides and bottom, green or brown water... Once you identify the problems, it’s quick and easy to address them.


Filtration for your pool

Filtering your water and keeping the filter in good condition will help prevent 80% of the problems with your water. This is the basis of good water maintenance! Without filtration, water will stagnate and allow impurities and bacteria to accumulate. Run your filter system in accordance to PWTAG guidelines for Domestic pools which recommends between 4 - 8 hours per day but will depend on bather loading. It’s also essential to clean your filter on a regular basis. Impurities and limescale will build up, clogging your filter and making it much less effective.


Balancing the pH of your pool water

A poorly balanced pH will reduce the effectiveness of other treatment products, especially disinfectants; it will also make the water less comfortable for swimmers. It is crucial to check the pH of your water, for example with a pH test kit. Your water must have a pH of between 7.2 and 7.6 (excludes pools treated with Sodium Bromide and Sodium Hypochlorite where the pH range is 7.2 – 8.2) as per PWTAG guidelines. Make sure that you check the alkalinity, which will help stabilise the pH (between 80 and 200 mg/litre), and the hardness of the water too, to make sure it doesn’t build up too much.

The filtration and pH balance are the first things to check when you encounter a problem with your pool water. If these aren’t right, then other treatments won’t have any effect. Without effective filtration and perfectly balanced water acidity, it will be difficult to address your issues.


Murky water

Murky water is generally the result of a defective filtration system, or a poorly balanced pH. It may also be that your treatment is ineffective. Murky water may also be caused by algae forming.


Coloured water

Green water is often caused by algae or water which is not sufficiently alkaline. Algae may be green themselves, or leave a brown-orange deposit which requires brushing or shock treatment. The algae itself isn’t dangerous, but they provide an environment for bacteria to develop and can be slippery for bathers. They also indicate an ineffective treatment and/or filtration system.


Have you identified the problem, but are unsure about what to do about it? Contact your Acti retailer.


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