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  • Pink algae is generally linked to fungus building up beneath the coating.


    Reason : The presence of humidity beneath the coating

  • How do I get rid of mustard algae?


    Mustard algae is very fine and is a yellow (mustard-coloured) powder

  • Do you have a problem with your PVC? Discover the solutions


    Here is a list of the most common problems relating to PVC coatings

  • What is redox?


    There are many technical terms surrounding the world of water treatment for swimming pools and spas. Let's start with the basics; what's redox?

  • Why should a wintering product be used?


    Wintering is an important stage in the operating life of a pool.

  • How do you lower the combined chlorine rate?


    The combined chlorine rate is linked to disinfection using chlorin

  • How measuring the parameters of your pool water

    Keep the good values of water parameters is essential for your bathing comfort and also to extend the life of all equipment in the pool.

  • Correct and incorrect ways of using Chlorine tablets


    Chlorine Tablets are chemical and must be handle carefully

  • Start-up


    7 steps to take for a seamless start.

  • Chemical reactions between concentrated products

    Do not mix concentrated products on a pool

  • How to get your swimmingpool ready for the summer in 7 steps.


    Clean out the debris and restore the water to its proper chemical balance

  • The ACTI range is also available for spas


    For the particular treatment of spa water.