How measuring the parameters of your pool water



Keep the good values of water parameters is essential for your bathing comfort and also to extend the life of all equipment in the pool.

However, with the amount of available analytical equipment, and various parameters to measure, it is quite difficult to make the right choice, or finding the time to do these analyzes.

To solve these problems, there are specify and reliable test strips, developed under the name of AquaChek by the Hach company.

Below is a summary table to make the right choices based on:

  • The type of analysis for : Quick analysis (daily), routine analysis (weekly), further analysis (monthly) or complete professional analysis (opening + 1 times in season)
  • The Water Treatment type: Chlorine, Bromine, electrochlorinator, Active Oxygen tablet


Type of analysis Chlorine treatment Bromine treatment Salt electrochlorinator Active Oxygen tablets
Quick analysis (daily :  Cl/pH)

 AquaChek Yellow


 AquaChek RED



Salt System Kit



 AquaChek Orange Monopersulfate



Routine analysis (Weekly : Cl/pH/TA)
Complete analysis (monthly : Cl/pH/TA/Stabiliser)

AquaChek Silver


Aquachek Silver


Aquachek White


Professionnal analysis(Cl/pH/TAC/TH/stabiliser)

AquaChek Yellow : Free Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer).

AquaChek Red : Total Bromine, pH, Total Alkalinity and Total Hardness

Salt System Kit : 1 Bottle AquaChek® Yellow; 1 Bottle AquaChek® White; test  for : Free Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid, and Salt (as sodium chloride)

AquaChek White : Salt

AquaChek Orange (Monopersulfate) :Potassium Monopersulfate, pH, and Total Alkalinity

AquaChek Silver : Total Hardness, Total Chlorine, Total Bromine, Free Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity, and Stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid).


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