The ACTI range is also available for spas



For the particular treatment of spa water.


The specific SPA Acti range offers a wide range of products intended for the particular treatment of spa water.

 In order to ensure optimal comfort of use of your spa, maintenance of this equipment is the key. To do this, a few simple and regular steps must be taken. 

From balancing to cleaning, from disinfecting to draining, water that is free of major sources of pollution is naturally more balanced and avoids the need to add numerous products throughout the season.

  • In terms of disinfection, the formula for a bromine treatment, Acti SPA BROMINE LONG SPA, in the form of tablets, disinfects the spa of all bacteria, viruses and fungi.



  • If a major application is required, for green or cloudy water, the BROMINE SHOCK formula is recommended.



  • For anti-algae, scale remover and anti-corrosion action, Acti DAZZLING SPA WATER provides a triple action, clarifying and non-expanding solution, packaged in a one-litre can.



  • In the "Water balance" product family, the PH Plus and Minus formulas, in a 1.5 kg box of powder, adjust the pH of the spa water.



  • The natural clarifying agent Acti SPA CLARIFYING AGENT, which is a green chemistry product, may also be useful.



  • For the "spa cleaning" part, the water line cleaner, stored in a one-litre can, is very easy to use, pure and applied with a sponge.



For all these products, a detailed description of the dosage and instructions for use is presented along with a safety sheet of precautions to take for the use of particular solutions.

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