The ACTI range is also available for spas




The specific SPA Acti range offers a wide range of products intended for the particular treatment of spa water.

  • In terms of disinfection, the formula for a bromine treatment, Acti SPA BROMINE LONG SPA, in the form of tablets, disinfects the spa of all bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • If a major application is required, for green or cloudy water, the BROMINE SHOCK formula is recommended.
  • For anti-algae, scale remover and anti-corrosion action, Acti DAZZLING SPA WATER provides a triple action, clarifying and non-expanding solution, packaged in a one-litre can.
  • In the "Water balance" product family, the PH Plus and Minus formulas, in a 1.5 kg box of powder, adjust the pH of the spa water.
  • The natural clarifying agent Acti SPA CLARIFYING AGENT, which is a green chemistry product, may also be useful.
  • For the "spa cleaning" part, the water line cleaner, stored in a one-litre can, is very easy to use, pure and applied with a sponge.

For all these products, a detailed description of the dosage and instructions for use is presented along with a safety sheet of precautions to take for the use of particular solutions.


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