Why should a wintering product be used?




Wintering is an important stage in the operating life of a pool.

It enables all of the pool’s equipment, such as the filter, the pump, and the skimmers, as well as the coating, to be protected.

Using a wintering product like Acti Winterizer will also enable better water quality to be maintained.

Indeed, due to its composition, this product will enable the proliferation of algae over winter to be limited (mainly during the less cold periods) as well as enabling scale build-up and corrosion in the pool to be slowed down.

With this protection, the water will be of better quality when the pool is reopened and this will facilitate putting it back into operation at the start of the season.

Acti hivernage, when combined with frost protection for the pool and pipes, will enable full protection of the pool from the inconveniences of winter: algae, corrosion, scale and frost.


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