Acti Winterizer Fluid

Protects the water of your pool during the winter.



ApplicationSpecific action

Previous name: Acti Winterizer / Winter Pro

Instructions for use

  • Carefully clean the swimming pool, use a "venturi brush" or a "vacuum brush".
  • Partially drain the pool.
  • Spill Acti Winter Pro in the pool, while the filtration system is operating, by the drain hole, the valve(s) (corresponding to the skimmer(s)) should be shut).
  • Keep it on for 1 hour, while the filtration system is operating.
  • Apply frost protection to the pool and pipes.
  • To extend the action over winter, repeat the same process during the first few days of spring.


Spill Acti Winter Pro throughout the pool at a rate of 1 Litre for 25m3 of water.


5 liters container

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