How to get your swimmingpool ready for the summer in 7 steps.




Before you can reopen the pool for summer swims, you need to clean out the debris and restore the water to its proper chemical balance.


  • Clean the components of the filter

Add 5 liter of Acti Clean Filtre into the sand filter. Leave it at least for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

If you have another kind of filter system, place the components into a container filled with a solution consisting of up to 10% of a filter scale remover product (1 liter for 10 liters of water).


  • pH adjustment

Analyse the total alkali strength (TAS) and TH to determine the ideal pH and then adjust it with pH Plus or Minus. Adjust the TAS and TH where applicable.


  • Shock treatment

Use Acti Shock, 150 g per 10 m3. After dissolution in warm water, place them directly in the pool in front of the discharge nozzles and make sure that no swimmers are in the water.


  • Maintenance treatment

Acti Long Tab, 1 tablet per 25 m3 every 7 to 10 days.

If you have a sand filter: Acti multi-purpose tablets, 1 tablet per 25 m3 every 5 to 8 days.


  • Scale remover treatment

Apply Acti Anti-Kalk over the tank with a watering can, 1 liter per 20 m3.


  • Flocculation in sand filters

If you have a sand filter, use Acti Floc Bag 1 per 25 m3 in the skimmer or pre-filter.


  • Transparency

Use an anti-algaecide twelve hours after the chlorine treatment.


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