What is Actisoft? A smart water treatment solution!



Keeping a pool swim-ready requires proactive maintenance. That’s why Acti Chemical created this simple to use application for pool professionals.


Keeping a pool swim-ready requires proactive maintenance, ensuring the pool is properly balanced, adjusting chemical products, maintaining proper chlorine levels, and defending against problems like algae, cloudiness, and microorganisms. That’s why Acti Chemical created this simple to use application for pool professionals.

Discover Actisoft

This app is the perfect addition to any water professional’s services profile. The app provides 4 services:

1. Water Analysis

Actisoft’s easy-to-use interface helps you to test water, troubleshoot visible problems, and find which of our quality products will work best for you and your customers. Now, testing by the poolside can be a seamless and painless experience: simply dip your test strip in the water and match your strip test results with the water test screen on the app. The app will analyze your test results. Tap on each result to learn more about each condition or click Next to access a personalized treatment plan and dosing recommendations.

2. Client Database

Organize and streamline your clients in this easily manageable customer database. After completing a water analysis for clients, a document is automatically generated with the test results, a custom treatment plan, precise explanations, and a list of recommended products with the reference numbers and prices.

3. Products

Actisoft also contains the entire database of Acti Chemical products. You can quickly and effortlessly find reference numbers, product quantities, and the in-store sale price.

4. Purchase

Finally, you can even order your chemicals directly from the application using Pool 360.

Actisoft is available as an app on Mobile devices and on Desktop.

Download Actisoft today for a more pleasant pool maintenance experience and provide this extra service to your customers and clients.

Don’t forget to go refer your clients to Acti-Chemical.com for the latest maintenance tips for healthy pool and spa water.

Take a look at these helpful tutorial videos: How to Download Actisoft and How to perform water analysis: strips


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