5 Steps for Clean & Clear Pool Water



Filtering your water and keeping the filter in good condition will help prevent 80% of the problems with your water.


Filter the water in your pool

Filtering your water and keeping the filter in good condition will help prevent 80% of the problems with your water. This is the basis of good water maintenance! Without filtration, water will stagnate and allow impurities and bacteria to accumulate. Your filter system acts as the lungs for your pool.

Run your filter system for at least 8 hours per day, and if it’s very hot, increase your filtration time. To calculate the ideal filtration time, divide the temperature of your water by two. This will give you the number of hours to run the system. For example, if your pool water is at 26°C, you must run your filter system for at least 13 hours!

It’s also essential to clean your filter on a regular basis. Impurities and limescale will build up, clogging your filter and making it much less effective.


Balance your pool water acidity

A poorly balanced pH will reduce the effectiveness of other treatment products, especially disinfectants; it will also make the water less comfortable for swimmers. It is crucial to check the pH of your water, for example with a pH tester. Your water must have a pH of between 7 and 7.4.

Make sure that you check the alkalinity, which will help stabilise the pH (between 100 and 200mg/litre), and the hardness of the water too, to make sure it doesn’t build up too much. The Taylor table will help you check whether your water is balanced, and help you adjust these three criteria. Find out more about what to do.


Disinfect your pool water

Insufficient disinfection paves the way for bacteria and viruses to develop. Make sure you check the disinfectant level every week, ensuring that your pool water is clean and sanitary. Several treatment options are available: chlorine, bromine, salt electrolysis, UV, etc.


Combat algae

Prevention is better than cure! It’s cheaper and easier to prevent algae appearing than trying to get rid of algae already in your pool. Preventive treatment is indispensable. With a weekly application of an anti-algae product, you can avoid algae developing in your pool. Ensure that the pH of your water is balanced and your filter is working fine before applying an anti-algae product.


Flocculate and clarify your pool water

Even high-quality water can still get a little cloudy. Particles too small to be filtered out can remain in the water, giving it a murky appearance. For crystal-clear water, you’ll need a flocculant or a clarifying product. This will give you clearer water and make chlorine treatment more effective. Remember to check whether the flocculant is compatible with your filter.

Ensure that your filter system is running when you apply this treatment to ensure that the products are fully homogenised.


If you aren’t sure, get in touch with a pool professional - they’ll give you the advice you need!


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  • Billy

    I’ve had a hydro pool hot tub and spa for less than a year and have had no advice from the supplier on how to maintain the water. My swim spa is looking awful...cloudy , dirty and we’ve only been in it 8 times and changed the water from when it was initially filled. I need help and and advice. I be come on to your website ad you sell a shock on the English website. Can you help please ? .

  • The Acti Team

    Hello and thank you for reaching out. In order to properly respond to your request, we will need some additional information about your swim spa. Please send your request to info.uk@scppool.com and our experts will respond as soon as possible.

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