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In order to keep your pool water sparkling clean you need to treat your water with chemicals.


In order to keep your pool water sparkling clean you need to treat your water with chemicals. To maintain adequate water balance and sanitizer levels, and ensure longevity of your pool surface and equipment it is essential to test your pool at least twice a week.

With the use of test strips you can easily and quickly test sanitizer, pH and alkalinity levels.

Pool owners are mostly familiar with chlorine as a method of sanitization. Stabilized chlorine products are ideal for keeping your pool clear and clean as they sanitize your pool water and kill bacteria.

The following products in the Acti range will meet your needs:

A professional pool retailer will also help you to determine the best option for your pool.

Another product range provides you with an alternative choice: bromine. Bromine is a reliable method for killing bacteria and keeping your pool clear and clean.

Bromine is more efficient in warm water and spas, where a high pH is required. It also remains active longer than chlorine. However, it is more expensive than chlorine to operate in your pool.

The following products will meet your needs:

Regular shock-chlorination is always a critical step in keeping the pool clear and clean. However, it is essential to do this on a regular basis since swimmers and the surrounding environment add pollution to the pool that must be eradicated in order to prevent problems such as algae, grey or uncomfortable water.

Preventing algae is key to ensuring comfort and fun in your pool. Even if your pool is cautiously maintained, algae will continue to proliferate. This is why you will need an anti-algae product such as ACTI Algaecide. This product will supplement your normal sanitization program and will prevent algae spreading in the pool. ACTI Algaecide should be added after a shock treatment.

These are not the only products in our ACTI range, there are plenty of other pool water treatment products that will help you to solve or prevent specific issues. Please check our range of products.

But bear in mind that the best way to prevent any issues is to test your pool water regularly. Also, do not forget to ask the advice of your local pool professional.

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