After shock treatment, my water turned green - is this normal?




Quite often, after using shock treatment products featuring an oxidant (Acti HP Granule, Acti Non chlorine shock, Acti Chlore choc granule), the swimming pool water may turn a translucent green colour.

This reaction is due to the presence of copper particles in the pool.

Indeed, where there is an oxidant in the water, copper will turn green (copper oxide), causing your water to change to this colour.

Once the oxidant content has become lower once again, the water will gradually return to a “transparent blue” colour.

However, each time shock treatment is carried out, this reaction may reoccur.

The most reliable way of avoiding this is to use an appropriate metal sequestering agent.

We also advise you to check the balance of your water, because imbalanced water tends to accentuate oxidation phenomena.

That way, once sequestered, the copper will no longer react, and your water will keep looking good.


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