How do I clean off a yellowish waterline?




A yellowish waterline is due to imbalanced water and the presence of grease that could come from sun cream, cosmetics, or environmental pollution…


Unbalanced water will facilitate the build-up of this grease on the waterline (attacking the coating or facilitating scale deposits: see the article “Why aggressive water attacks coatings”).

These grease deposits will react with the sun’s UV rays and will turn yellow.


The solution for getting rid of these marks is:

  • Get a sports sock
  • Fill it with Acti Rapid Shock
  • After putting on gloves, soak the sock in water and rub the marks with it


The chlorine will attack and dissolve the grease without harming the coating (no direct contact), with the sock providing the abrasive edge required.

Once the waterline has been cleaned off, you will need to balance the water in accordance with Actisoft’s recommendations (which can be downloaded from the homepage:


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