What steps are involved in restarting your pool?



Whether wintering is active or passive, you will need to follow specific steps to restart your pool.


The temperature outside is climbing. The time for swimming has not yet come but the warm weather is returning and the urge to take a dip is titillating you. Before that, there is an important task facing you: opening your pool!

You can open your pool very early in the season so as to avoid any deterioration of the basin. Whether wintering is active or passive, the first step is to choose the right time to get ready again. The temperature of your pool should reach a minimum of 12°C. The month of April is often the ideal month for reopening your pool. Waiting longer (with water of more than 16°C), would expose you to several inconveniences: development of algae and micro-organisms, water that turns green, then brown and then becomes difficult to clean.

First of all, opening your pool requires a swimming pool in good general condition. Beforehand, make sure that there are no necessary repairs required (defective pump, cracks, leaks, etc.) that may exacerbate the situation.

Then, in the case of passive wintering, make sure to:

  • Clean the edges and decks
  • Remove, clean, rinse, dry, fold and store the protective covering or winter covers
  • Clean up the larger debris that has ended up in your pool with the help of a dip net
  • Brush the walls of the pool and clean the waterline
  • Fill the pool to ¾ of the skimmer weir
  • Check the tightness of the valves in the equipment space and check that they are open
  • Check that the filter cover is fully seated and all appliance connections are tight
  • Start the filtration pump, ensuring that it is primed
  • Vacuum your pool with the help of your manual broom by removing larger debris from the waste pipe. The use of a robot is not recommended for this 1st major clean up (the water is too cold, poor coverage of the area to be cleaned, unnecessary clogging of the filter elements and risk of condensation in the engine). Top up the water level if required
  • Replace pool cleaning supplies required for the water in your pool
  • Adjust the pH level of the water to between 7.0 and 7.4. Take a water sample in a small water-bottle full to the brim and have it checked at your Acti dealer for mineral balance (TAC, TH), which is essential for pH stability. You will leave with balanced water, essential to the proper functioning of cleaning products and limiting the amount of product that you need to use
  • Administer shock treatment with your usual shock disinfectant to eliminate all the micro-organisms and particles that developed during the winter
  • Use a flocculant to filter the finest suspended particles
  • Complete the cleaning of your pool using your robot cleaner or other cleaning equipment
  • Let your filter run continuously for 24/48 hours until the water becomes clear and sparkling again

Active wintering, meanwhile, is simpler because the water in your pool has remained clear and clean, so just make sure to:

  • Clean the edges and decks
  • Restart the filter for the usual daily duration
  • Take a water sample to your Acti dealer for analysis and balance of minerals


Happy swimming!

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