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  • oxydo-reduction

    What is redox?

  • 33-445-0025

    Why should a wintering product be used?

  • acti_spa

    How do you lower the combined chlorine rate?

  • How measuring the parameters of your pool water


    The 3 keys for a balanced pool water

  • leau


  • New_MULTI-5-EN-1-5kg

    Correct and incorrect ways of using Chlorine tablets

  • Acti-nettoyant-filtre-ACT-500-0556


  • Chemical reactions between concentrated products

  • Steps to take when bringing the pool back into service

  • acti_spa

    How to get your swimmingpool ready for the summer in 7 steps.

  • beachcomberspa23

    The ACTI range is also available for spas