Acti Stabiliser

Protects chlorine against the destructive action of UV rays.


CategoryWater balance

ApplicationWater balance

Security dadasheet

Previous name: Acti Stabiliser:acti cya

Instructions for use

Add between 30 and 60mg/L when filters have been washed and outlets have been dryed and when the concentration of isocyanuric acid has been maintained under 75mg/L.

The content of isocyanuric acid can be determined using an exposure meter or a comparator. An excessive content of isocyanuric acid increases the cloudiness of the water and inhibits the action of chlorine. The water might turn white or green.

To be used with unstabilised chlorine.


To obtain 10mg/L of stabilising agent: Use 100g of Acti Stabiliser per 10m3 section of water, in the prefilter of the pump (private pool) or in the disconnection tank (public pool).


2kg container

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