Acti pH Plus - EN

Ideal in increasing the pH of your swimming pool water.


CategoryWater balance

ApplicationWater balance

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In compliance with EN 15362: Chemical products used for treatment of swimming pool water.

Instructions for use

Private swimming pool

  • Pour directly into the tank before any discharge(s) while the filtration system is operating.
  • Pour in the dosage; it is absolutely essential that no swimmers are within the pool.


Public swimming pool

In the conditioning tank of the metering pump, dissolve 1kg of Acti pH Plus in 10 litres of water.


Add about 150g of Acti pH Plus per 10m3 section of water to reduce the pH unit by 0.2. The previous dosages have been calculated for water with standard characteristics. For very different pH or total alkali strength values, dosis can be doubled or even tripled.


1kg, 5kg and 25kg container

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