Acti Floc Tablet

Prevents cloudy waters and improves the sharpness of the pool filtration.



ApplicationWater balance

Previous name: Acti Floc Tablet/Acti Floc Bag

In compliance with EN 15031: Chemical products used for treatment of swimming pool water.

Instructions for use

Cases in which Acti Floc Bag is used:

  • In case of unusually high cloudiness,
  • In combination with shock chlorination
  • Straight after a filter backwash.

For higher product efficiency, balance the pH between 7.0 and 7.4. A regular use of flocculant cartridges guarantees a good quality of filtration and therefore safe water.


  • Curative treatment: Place 2 thimbles for 30 m3 of water in the skimmer
  • Preventive treatment: Place 1 thimble for 30 m3 of water per week in the skimmer


1kg box

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